How to Book Your Party with Us

  1. See our packages and pricing web pages to choose your party package and optional add-ons
  2. Email or phone us to discuss:
    1. our character/service availability
    2. your full calculated price
  3. Submit your signed party contract which we will provide to you and a 50% deposit. (See below for details.)

Deposit Requirements

A 50% deposit is required in order to reserve your event. Payment of your 50% deposit can be made via 2 methods:

  1. If you are a PayPal user, there is a link to make payment on this page.*
    *Please do phone us to discuss/confirm your deposit amount.
  2. If you prefer to pay directly via credit or debit card you can make payment via phone by calling 949-231-9817. You payment will be put through our system and an automatic receipt for payment will be sent to your specified email address. Your remaining balance will be due in CASH ONLY at time of your party.

See our Cancellation/Deposit Refund Policy on this page.

Contract Requirements

Complete the contract we will provide:

  1. your party details
  2. your pricing details
  3. our policies


Submission of the contract is due no later than 1 week prior to your scheduled party date. No contract = cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of deposit.

Paying Your Balance

The remainder of your balance must be paid in full to your character-performer at the party in CASH ONLY.

Tipping Your Entertainer

If you are pleased with your character’s performance, a 10-20% gratuity given to her is always greatly appreciated.

Princess Anna performs at character parties in El Toro

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE (50% of total party cost).

-If less than 50% of total party cost is left as a deposit, upon cancellation, customer must pay the remaining amount due per cancellation policy. This amount must be paid at the time of cancellation in order to be released from this contract.

Cancellations made from time of booking up to 8 days prior to event date will require payment of 50% of total party cost. If a 50% deposit was left at time of booking, no additional fees will be due.

-If less than 50% of total party cost was left as a deposit, customer must pay the remaining amount equal to 50% of total contracted party price.

FULL PARTY PAYMENT will be due should a host CANCEL an event less than 7 FULL days prior to said event date or should the character(s) not be allowed/able to perform once arrived at event.

-Payment must be taken for remaining balance at time of cancellation or an additional late fee of $20/day will apply.

-This policy will also apply to outdoor events that do not have a backup location and inclement weather be taking place.

– This policy will apply to bookings made at any time, even should booking take place let than one week before party date.

In the event of bad weather, serious illness, or other unforeseen emergencies, we reserve the right to cancel the event and offer an alternative date.


DEFINITION: Any change to start time, date, or character/artist choice after submission of your deposit will be considered rescheduling and will require payment of a $50 rescheduling fee per performer/new contract be signed.

-Changes to package/duration can be accommodated based on availability after submission of contract. However, any changes must be of equal to or greater than originally contracted party cost. No downgrades in package type/cost/duration can occur. Submission of a new contract will be required should you upgrade your package or duration.

TIMEFRAME: Any rescheduling to an event date, time, or character must be done a MINIMUM 72 HOURS PRIOR TO EVENT. Any request to reschedule after this deadline will be denied and should customer be unwilling to cohere to the originally contracted date/time/character, cancellation policies/fees will be applied. Customer is welcome to book a new event (new contract and deposit due) in such a case.

FEES: Rescheduling an event at any time after deposit is made will result in a charge of $50/performer per event. Again, this fee will be assessed should changes be made anytime from 1 minute after submission of contract up until 72 hours prior to event (at which time, rescheduling will no longer be an option).

CONDITIONS: Rescheduling is based on availability and is not guaranteed. Should you choose not to reschedule your event to another date/time that company has available, customer will be held to company’s cancellation policy.

-When rescheduling an event, customer will have a period of 6 months in which to book new event date. After 6 months, should a new event not be booked/new contract not be signed, customer will be charged the remaining balance due on original reservation. This balance will be due immediately and will be assessed a late fee if not paid by date exactly 6 months after originally contracted event date.

-This policy will apply to bookings made at any time, even should booking take place let than one week before party date.

-New reservation party cost/total must be of equal to or greater than originally contracted party cost. No downgrades in package type/cost/duration can occur.





Making Payments

Deposits can be paid by credit card, debit card or PayPal. The remaining balance must be paid in CASH ONLY on the event day.

Make a PayPal Payment

A PayPal account is not required. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

Please do not make the payment until you have spoken with us and have been advised of your payment amount. Thank you!

Click the Buy Now button. Then enter the amount in the “Item price” box when you get to the PayPal site.

Thank you for your payment!

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Dazzling D’s Princess Productions is an independent company providing princess and character impersonations. We do not have the intention of violating any copyright or trademark laws. We do not claim to have any affiliation with the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Lucas Arts, Marvel, Saban, Mattel, or SCG Power Rangers LLC or any of their subsidiaries. All of our characters are simply look-a-likes and our costumes are made under strict supervision to prevent copyright infringement.