Character Packages

Other Character Packages

We now offer swimming mermaids — both generic and Ariel.
For any swimming character, $20 will be added to the cost of the package of your choosing due to the extra training required.

Character Visit

*Meet and greet package designed for those parties simply seeking a superhero appearance.

*Preferred package for those with other entertainment planned for their event or event is taking place at a hosted venue.

*No limit on the number of children.
Meet and greet with guests
Interactive storytelling
Activity Option:
Training session (i.e. Jedi or Pirate training)
Sing-a-long and song performance
Themed party game
Themed coloring or art activity
Signing autographs
Photo sessions
Cake presentation and singing of happy birthday
Additional activities can be added to package for an additional fee. Please see “add-ons.”


30 Minutes – $120
 *Duration available for local parties only.
*Only available on weekends. One hour minimum on weekday parties.

1 Hour – $150
90 Minutes – $200
2 Hours – $250
**Pricing is for 1 character performer. Additional performers can be added at the rate of $110 PER HOUR (for packages one hour and longer). No discount is given for second character for
30 minute package.*
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Basic Package

*Fully-hosted, activity driven package run like an interactive performance designed to be the main entertainment at an event.

*Can be customized for toddlers or older children, as well as for both girls and boys!

*Max. 15 children to 1 performer ratio! Additional character(s) or assistant(s) can accommodate larger numbers of children.
Special entrance and meet and greet with your child and his/her guests
Interactive storytelling session
Themed party games
Superhero training session with certificates for all children
Themed party games
Can include but not limited to:
Character training (i.e. Jedi or Pirate training)
Sing-a-long and song performance
Bubble and parachute play
Themed coloring or art activity
Temporary tattoos or sticker activity (available for durations 1 hour or more) or Face painting (available for durations 90 minutes or more only)
Singing happy birthday and cake presentation
Photo session
Additional activities can be added to package for an additional fee.


1 Hour – $175
90 Minutes – $225
2 Hours – $275
*Pricing is for 1 character performer. Additional performers can be added at the rate of $110 PER HOUR.
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Package Activity Add-Ons

Addition of activity does not add time to your package. Add-on fees listed below are additional cost for the activity only to be completed by your chosen character(s). This activity will be added to the package/duration of your choosing listed above. Please plan accordingly and allow enough timing to complete the additional activity for all children expected.

All add-on options are subject to timing and availability restrictions. Fees listed are additional fees added to the base price of chosen party package.
Face Painting — $25

Balloon Twisting – $25

Glitter Makeup — $15

Temporary Tattoo Application – $15

Hair Styling — $30

*We can customize your package to include temporary spray-on hair colors and glitter, braids, spikes, updos, and more! (For up to 20 children. Additional children can be added for $1/child.)
Characters For Princess Parties


Basic Party Package

The prices listed above are for one character and accommodate up to 15 children per character.
Additional characters can be added at the rate of $110/hour and can accommodate an additional 15 children per performer.
Additional guests require a "Character Assistant" (plain-clothed helper) — available at a rate of $80/hour — to accompany your character in order to accommodate the needs of additional children during activities.
Or for an even better offer, upgrade your “Character Assistant” to a second character for the affordable price of $110/hour.
Character Visit Package
This package is not a fully-hosted party package and thus does not include supplies or the full facilitation of the party by your performer. Thus, Character Visits do not have a performer/child ratio limit.

TRAVEL FEE – Required for all events located outside of Orange County, CA. Please contact us with your location to receive a travel fee quote.

OVERAGE TIME FEE – $50 will be charged for each additional 30 minutes per performer a party exceeds the purchased package.
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