Face Painting & More

Face Painting & More

Face Painting Services

Full face painting, cheek art, glitter tattoos, and body paintings

(to be completed by non-character/costumed artist)

Per hour $85/artist
Please note that face painting takes approximately 3-8 minutes per child depending on complexity of requested art. Please plan accordingly when booking time with your artist.

Balloon Twisting/ Balloon Art Services

(to be completed by non-character/costumed artist)

Per hour $90/artist

Face Painting & Balloon Services Combined

Face painting and balloon twisting services can be combined during a party duration at the following rates:

Per hour $95/artist

Makeover Services

Make your party dazzle with:
Princess hairdos, updos, and braids for girls
Mohawks, spikes, and more for boys
Glitter and washable hair color applications
Glitter makeup
Nail painting and art
Makeup performed by a trained cosmetologist – a non-character/costumed artist.
Per hour $100/artist
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If you are interested in having any of these services completed by a costumed/character performer, please select a “Princess/Character Visit” or “Hosted Party Package.” Face painting, balloon twisting, makeup, and hair artistry are all add-on options to our listed character packages.

We often get questions about how long these optional services might take. Below are some general guidelines.
Face painting only
1 hour
Simple designs (cheek art) – Approximately 15 children
Complex designs – 8-10 children

2 hours
Simple designs – Approximately 30 children
Complex designs – 15-20 children

Balloon twisting only
1 hour
Simple (single balloon designs) – Approximately 15-25
Complex (multiple balloon designs) – 10-12

2 hours
Simple designs -  Approximately 35-40 children
Complex designs – 20-25

Face Painting/ Balloon Twisting Combination (each child receives both services)
1 hour
Approximately 6-8

2 hours
Approximately 12-18
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Face Painting And Balloon Twisting
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